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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Work in Progress (WIP) Song dedicated to a friend from my Childhood.

I am working on a song for a friend of mine. She had had a rough time of it growing up. For my friend :)

 Alone you walk down the road of life.
So much has happened to you.
You choke back tears brought on by all this strife
Leaving you wondering what it is you can do

You go out and all you see
are all those who have caused you misery
Strange how a full room can be so empty
You're thinking what did I do to be so unwanted?
All this pain and anguish has left you haunted

Living alone with your alcoholic papa
never ever knowing your own mama
dad comes home in a prissy mood with whiskey on his breath
Your mind tells you to run but you're scared to death

You go out and all you see
are all those who have caused you misery
Strange how a full room can be so empty
You're thinking what did I do to be so unwanted?
All this pain and anguish has left you haunted

If only you knew your worth, girl
If only you knew your worth, girl

But you have to know you're beautiful
and you're already so powerful
if only you could find your voice
then you'd have a chance to rejoice

Friday, April 25, 2014

An excerpt from, Chapter 12 'California Beckons' from my Work in Progress Novella, 'God Loathes You".

I boarded a plane at JFK airport in New York and touched down in LAX five and a half hours later. I disembarked, claimed my luggage and was outside the arrivals area having a smoke when a black Lexus pulls up to the curb. I pulled down my shades and admired the fine black marble automobile. Before I started to drool over the car a window rolled down and I spotted a familiar face. A most beautiful and endearing face belonged to the woman I had most recently bonded with. Strange, when I should have been flattered to be picked up from the airport I was thinking of my current lady back at the roost. Perhaps strange was the wrong adjective to describe my heart’s focus at that particular point in time.
“James, let’s get you settled in. Then, I can show you Los Angeles,” Charlotte said gesturing for me to put some pep in my step.

“Coming you royal sexiness,” I retorted and double timed it to the car and climbed in.

After we stopped off at the place I would be calling home for the unforeseeable future we went to Venice Beach. It was my first time at a beach on the West Coast. Hell, everything was my first time. This experience was akin to being born again and learning it all. The only difference between a new born and me was I was full grown. Anyway, I enjoyed her company and all the weird freak shows that traipsed up and down the boardwalk. And let me tell you there was and still are more than a lot of them.

 It seemed as if out here you could be whoever you wanted to be and no one much cared unlike back east where everyone seemed to stick their nose in everyone else’s business. No, people out in California lived by a different set of rules and lived life their way. I thought this place was perfect. As I never conformed to the standards of living back in New York let alone down south. I guess you could say I was a rebel with a cause; my own.

At last we ended up at this fast food joint on the boulevard in Hollywood. It was called In N Out. They made their own French fries from daily deliveries of fresh potatoes and the hamburgers weren’t half bad either. All in all my first day in California was most memorable. Charlotte had managed to help me forget all of my troubles. Or maybe that was the charm of the state with endless sunshine. Nevertheless, I was thankful to take a break from life. Reality did wear on you after a while and everyone deserved a break.

“Have you been out here before?” I asked as I finished the last of my fries.

“Well, to tell the truth I am from California. Just been working at the LMK office in New York for the past few years,” she stated not the least bit hesitant about talking about herself.

“So, you’re a Cali girl?” I said it more as a statement than a question. “That explains a lot, really,”

She grabbed a napkin and wiped ketchup from her lips and took a sip of her soda.

“Explains a lot? What do you mean?” She asked a little confused.

I threw up my hands in mock defense and smiled. “All I meant was you seemed different from the uptight and rigid New Yorker ladies,” I said flatly taking a cig from my pack and returned it to my pants pocket.
Back when you could still smoke indoors. Most places had smoking and nonsmoking sections but In N Out didn’t really have such divisions. Nevertheless, I was a pompous self-serving ass back then and did as I pleased. Some people found it charming while others loathed me for it. Ah well, you can’t win them all, right?
“Perhaps, you’re right. And maybe that’s the reason why you took to me like a fish out of water,” she teased.

We both shared a laugh. The difference between her and the rest of the ladies from the imperial state was simple. She was laid back and didn’t let much get to her. That was an admirable trait of which we shared. Not to mention she was a damn good lay and pleased me in every sense. So, in short you could say she was most delightful.

She and I continued talking for a bit longer and the large crowd of patrons began slimming down until only us and another couple remained. We had gone through several refills of soda and smoked half a pack of cigs. Time slipped by as our idle back and forth banter continued. It was amazing how much two people could converse. Still when people of liked minds sat down to discuss what was on their minds it usually led to something magical and could go on for hours. There was a saying that stated opposites attract but that often was half-truths. Because relationships that endured the storms both good and bad were born of sterner stuff. Having common ground made for easier footing in a non-literal sense. Otherwise, you have sex and then soon you’ll have to get out of bed. And then what will happen? Boredom would result. Not even the best sex could save a doomed love affair.

“You could say that, yes,” I started. “I just think you are fine. Like aged wine,” I added the last bit for good measure and flattery.

“Aren’t you the charmer?” She laughed. “Let’s go back to the house.”
We called for a cab and waited for it to arrive.

Back at the house we had a nightcap. A couple shots of Jack with Dr. Pepper chasers were the poison of choice. We downed the liquor and shared a few cigs before retiring to the bedroom and one last hurrah before we drifted off to dreamland.

Bright and early the next morning I woke up and threw on my clothes and ambled out to the kitchen. Where Charlotte was fully clothed and waiting for me. I saw a glimmer about her face and she was trying to stifle a smile. The night before had been the first time we’d done it out here and what a way to end my official welcoming to the left coast than bumping uglies with my agent’s secretary.

“You’re up awfully early,” I joked.

“It’s half pass ten,” she countered pointing at the clock on the wall.

I turned to glance at the clock and sure enough it was half pass ten.

“Ah shit, so it is,” I stammered. “Give me a second to get ready,” I declared and headed back to my bedroom.

An hour later we were in a meeting with some big wigs at the LMK L.A. office. This place made the office in New York look tame. The spacious interiors and art deco décor spanned through the whole building of which was four stories. That was at least twice as tall as the cramped space the New York office occupied within a shared skyscraper. The L.A. office had its very own building. One thing was certain no expenses were spared. Such was the bold and rash mindset of the west coast. Go big or go home. I was finding California more and more to my liking. They called it swagger. Soon I would come to coin a term that was Cali Swagger.

“James Adler isn’t it?” a short, elderly man wearing a tight fitting gray suit asked.

“Yes, it be James Adler,” was my response.

“Good, very good,” he responded in a raspy voice that belonged to a mobster boss back in the thirties.

“So, if I may be so bold. What’s the purpose of us all gathering here on this fine California afternoon?” I asked feeling ballsy.

“Well, James, it is like this,” the old man with the raspy mobster voice began. “We liked your novella, and so did some very important people,” he said clearing his throat. “They want to option it off to a studio,” he added.

“So, they want to make it into a movie?” I asked a tad shocked.

“Yes, they do. But the negotiations could put this little project off for a while. So…”

“Josh, I think I am still the boss here?” he smiled at me. “Anyway, yes, we’re still in talks with them. But that’s not the reason why we asked you here,” he declared finally getting to the heart of the matter.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chapter 3 from my completed novella, 'Out of Nowhere'

Chapter Three

Nick awoke early the next morning with sweat dripping off his body. Big stains blemished his nice button-down shirt on the front and back. He sat up and rubbed his eyes with his hands trying to force himself awake. Still shaken from his horrible nightmare the night before it had felt so real but it wasn't. Or was it? 

He sat up and leaned back on the headboard and turned on the lamp. As if a light could chase away the demons that thrived in the darkness. Running his hands up and down his face trying to regain his composure he told himself it was all a dream. A bit scary and realistic but nevertheless a bad dream. That’s all it was. The sensation he experienced by those flashing of images was hard to forget.

There came a knock at his front door. Who could be bothering me at this early an hour? He asked himself. Oh what the hell, I am already awake. He changed into a clean shirt and pulled on a pair of jogging pants. 
"Be right there," he yelled in the direction of the knocking.
He reached the door and stopped giving himself a moment to clear his head. And upon opening the door to, he saw a tall figure of a man in his mid-forties, a bit stocky and posture a tad casual. His eyes were bright and in them you could see the honesty and tell he was an open book. 

"Hello, sir," Nick began trying to be civil. 

"Morning, Mr. Jones, I am John Elgore the new caretaker of the cabins this side of the lake," the tall quiet man replied. 

"Oh, you must be replacing Mr. Thomason," Nick said. 

"Yes, may god rest his soul," Mr. Elgore said remorsefully. 

"So, do you need me for anything?" Nick asked.

"Oh, no, just wanted to know when you'd need me to send Ms. Judy on by to clean up," Mr. Elgore answered.

"Hmm…today is good. I am going out for a jog," Nick replied.

"Good, good, I will send her over after you leave," Mr. Elgore said smiling.

The other turned and began to walk away but stopped as Nick started to close the door behind him. He seemed to be about to say something but didn't. Nick closed the door.
Nick was dressed for the occasion and that was jogging. Quite a nice day for doing such an activity as the sun was high in the sky bathing the countryside in its golden showers. Warmth burnt off the chill of the past night. The wind blew ever so softly and brushed against his skin as if caressing his face. It was soothing.

Birds winged overhead and sang their songs and clouds what few there were moved across the endless expanse of sky going to and fro like ships traveling from one harbor to another with their jobs that never ended. A few people passed him on the trails. Probably other out-of-towners like him. Although he himself wasn't a true out-of-towner not in the true sense of the word.

He had moved away from New Lake a couple of months before leaving for Rhode Island and entering Brown University or Brown U as he'd fondly refer to his alma mater. Ah, Brown U, he remembered fondly. His first true taste of freedom from the linear life's journey his father had plotted for him. If it hadn't been for his youthful rebellious nature he might have fallen in line and be in Big Lake leading his dead dad's Saw Mill. But he was anything but predictable.

Maybe that was what had attracted some of the fine young women at his alma mater. But sadly he was on the outside looking in and felt as if he was the odd man out there. It wasn't because he was socially inept or anything similar. No, he was when it was needed quite the social butterfly. It was just that he had his own modus operandi-way of doing things. Nicholas Jones was a man of practiced patience and a set of rules that bore no tolerance for change and as such caused his alienation from the opposite sex. Women didn't like a man to be too controlling of such things that left them without much say so. This was the 21st century after all. The fairer sex, bah! What was that? Women wanted to be equal to men in all matters. Then hell, let them have their equality.

The wind had changed its direction and blew rather harder than before and a limb cracked as it snapped clean and fell to the trail below just inches in front of him. He didn't hear the crack of the limb stopping only when I noticed the fallen branch. It unnerved him enough to pull the ear buds out of his ears. Music could be heard blaring from those buds.

It was The Beatles Blackbird-His favorite band. Something else he held in common with his father. Then the wind grew wilder and sent leaves flying and they began to whirl taking on the appearance of a small fan. In the fan past the blades of which the leaves represented there was a small puff of smoke black as coal forming and deeper within that smoke was a bright light. Unsure of what he was seeing least of all if it was real he crept closer but not too close. 

As he drew closer the lighter shone brighter still and when it was so bight that he could almost not stand it anymore it died out and in its place was a face.The face was distorted and barely resembled anything passable as human. No form that was distinguishable or color other than the black smoke that surround it. Its eyes were white depressions as were the mouth. Wispy strands of blond hair covered what he presumed the head.
Both he and the manifestation stood still and a cold disturbing silence began to crystallize about them freezing that spot in time. As if someone had taken a picture. No one else came down the path at this time and no birds could be heard chirping or other animals for that matter.

The next thing he knew the creature or whatever it was-was on top of him. He had fallen onto his back and was breathing heavily. His heart beat rapidly in his chest, thump, thump, and thump. Louder and louder the sound became till it felt as if it was going to burst right out of his chest. What perspiration that had formed was now chilled forming tiny ice crystals along his cheeks and on his sweatshirt.

The warmth of the day had faded. Only the cold remained. And a foul odor lingered.
Now, only mere inches apart he could see the creature in more detail. The more he saw of the creature the less he wanted to be there but he couldn't break apart. The connection was established. Connection…what kind of connection? Mental as in telepathy-was even such a thing possible? Well, there was no way of proving it was. 

Then it spoke to him. Or more correctly it sent him images of its thoughts. The images were misshapen at first and jumbled and distorted. But soon they began to take on shape and form a lucid picture. At that point it became clear. Whatever this creature was it wanted to contact someone and it had. But its purpose was still a mystery.

Almost as sudden as it had happened it ended. The creature lost form and the leaves ceased to move about in then they all fell down. Everything went back the way it had been. He continued to lie upon his back out of breath and frightened. There was nothing more he could but catch his breath and calm his jittery nerves.

It was early evening by the time he had made it back to the cabin. He found a note left by the cleaner; Ms. Judy taped to the front door.

Mr. Jones, 

Hope you don't mind I let myself in and cleaned up the place. You can settle up the bill upon leaving. 


Ms. Judy 

"No, I don't mind. I knew you were coming after all," he spoke aloud the words aloud. He opened the door and went inside.



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Excerpts from Ticket to Ride (Chapter 10) of my WIP Novel 'God Loathes You'

 Before I finished processing the last thought my thoughts went all stop. Charlotte took a few steps further and leaned in and said, “Are you still game?” she said her cheeks flushed and smile wide revealing her healthy choppers.

 I nodded and smirked. And I took her hand in mine and she guided me to a utility closet and we filed in. She locked the door behind us. As she turned to say something I stopped her and we locked lips. I felt her lips, more moist and softer than I had imagined. She was undoing my belt and pulled down my jeans. I responded by unbuttoning her blouse and reached down to pull down her skirt. In turn she grabbed my arms and I lifted them to the sky. She pulled off my t shirt. I sensed her gaze as it lowered toward the floor stopping as it reached my package.

 I lifted up her chin with my index and middle finger and kissed her again. The kiss was soft and sensual, and teasing as our lips barely touched. I worked my way down to her neck and kissed her exposed skin making her moan in response to my actions. She reached down groped my member. Already hard and standing proud as her hand slipped behind my underwear. I jumped a bit as I felt the cold flesh of her hand but quickly it grew warm. I had worked my way down to her breasts by this time and were sucking on them. I alternated between the left and right tit and licked the area around the nipple and stopped to tease her. She responded by pushing my head back against her lovely perky breasts. Her nipples had stiffened and they jutted out as if beckoning my mouth to take them. I inclined my head and nibbled on them being careful not to bite down. Women’s breasts were highly sensitive and the nipples more so.

 We found a spot on the floor that was clear of wires, tools and wood and lay down. The tiled floor was cold but she gave no hint that it bothered her. She was a good sport and I relished her passion and her very lovely body. She grabbed my face and titled my head back. I winked and smiled. And she giggled. I slid up to her and kissed her reddened cheeks and she leaned back to moan once more. I resumed my delicate and tender kisses as I worked down to her vagina. Pulling down her purple panties past her knees, I started licking her clit slowly and teasingly.

 Her response was to grope my cock anew and the warmth I felt in my loins made me hungry for her all the more. I rose up and straddled her. Doing this put my kosher dong and my big beautiful balls in close proximity to her mouth. She wasted no time in taking me in her mouth. Her blowjob and my mouth down south munching on her poonani was a sensual chorus of flesh and lust. In that moment a strange but accurate assessment of the female reproductive organ came to mind. If the good lord above didn’t intend on us men to eat a woman out then he wouldn’t have had made it in the shape of taco. The thought wasn’t lost on me and I did find it accurate. So, I continued to munch her warm and very wet taco.

 There was a sound at the door but no one came inside. Feeling the sensation of doing something so bad left us nervous but at the same time all the more game for sexual conquest. I sat up and lifted her body on my lap. She leaned to the side and slid my erect member inside her vagina. Then I lie back on the tile and let her ride me cowgirl style. I reached up and copped a feel on her warm and perky breasts. Both of our bodies were warm and sweaty and the air about the small utility closet was sweet and steamy. My promise to remain chaste when I wasn’t with Jenny had vanished but I was sure my conscious would come back with a vengeance. And then again there was a sound at the door and we stopped. We took this as a sign that what we were doing was wrong. Dressing quickly, I grabbed her and pull her body close to me and kissed her lips. She reciprocated, kissing me back.
I left the utility closet first and shortly thereafter she made her egress. If any of those worthless drones took notice of us they didn’t mention it. Charlotte, the strictly professional and tenacious secretary that she was, managed to compose herself and went to her desk. I collected my bearings and made for the elevator. My manuscript was delivered and as such I had no further business there. My mind replayed the events leading up to the encounter and the act of lust and sexual release and I felt guilty. For the first time in my life I was the one responsible for committing the heinous act of betrayal.

 The elevator doors opened with a chime and I stepped inside. Much to my relief there was no one else inside. Two thoughts passed through my mind. The first was guilt, and the feeling weighed heavy on my mind, and a voice spoke to me. The voice was familiar to me. It belonged to the more rational and empathetic side of my personality and it was demanding that I come clean with Jenny. However, a second voice appeared, and this was the side of me that had won out. The second voice was speaking from the perspective of out of sight and out of mind. No harm no foul, and other such clichés. The easiest way to explain this position, all of which happened in my mind, would be the angel and devil on the shoulder from cartoons. Nevertheless, the feelings were torn and very real.

 The elevator seemed to have been on fast forward as it reached the lobby in no time flat. There were only a handful of those fat cats in their striped suits and reeking of booze and stale tobacco. I swear those old farts never washed their suits and probably didn’t care to. Missing was the redhead vixen that I would flirt with. And the same sexy mama that I had bedded during the nights I had spent in the City. Again a wave of guilt washed over me. So many thoughts raced through my mind until they became a huge muddled mess akin to someone tracking in mud from outside and running across white paper laid out on the floor. Only one thought loomed high above the rest and was in focus. This belonged to my feelings for Jenny and how my heart yearned to feel her body next to mine. Then the angel of reason appeared and chided me saying how unworthy I was to have her in my life. As painful as the very notion of telling her the truth and having her hate me for the rest of time was…it would be the most honorable move I could make. The angel carried on telling me if I loved her at all. Then I would break the news to her gently and accept the fallout regardless if she ended up breaking up with me.

 Being young, dumb and full of cum was fine and dandy but such a time in one’s life bore such burdens. Such a first world problem if there ever was one. I dwelt on this course of action the entire ride home. How could I have given into my baser urges so easily? After all I had professed my love to Jenny and had meant it. But a lyric from a song that I had listened to growing up when I would spend time with Uncle Jake played in my head. Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop loving Jenny. How could I put to bed such strong feelings of absolute joy and happiness her very presence gave my heart? I chided myself for being weak. Still I imagined her reaction to my telling her of these heinous acts of betrayal. And I saw her breaking down and crying and cursing my name. Although this all took place in my head, I was quite certain this was how it’d go down.

 A quarter of a mile from the house I pulled into a gas station to fuel up. I went inside and paid and bought a bag of chips and some smokes. I put everything on the counter and the sales clerk tossed the cigarettes over to me. She gave me a side glance and smiled. Did I still smell of sex? And if so was that such an attractive scent? If so they could have made a killing off such cologne. Post Coitus? Scent of Sex gets you laid every time. I shit you not those thoughts really did run through my mind.
“That’ll be $8.53,” she said still smiling at me as her hands played with her long, luscious locks.

 I dug into my pants pockets, the back pocket, and took out my wallet. “Here, take it out of this,” I retorted, handing her a twenty dollar bill.

 I sneaked an upward glance and our eyes met. In that moment we remained quiet, speaking without words. She conveyed to me that she knew what I had done. And I replied that I hadn’t the foggiest idea what she was talking about. She burst out laughing and handed me my change.

 “Here you go, handsome. $12.53 is your change,” she said her face still joyful.

 “Thanks, you do have a good day,” I murmured throwing her a smirk.

 I exited the store and walked over to my car. The Sales attendant unusual behavior left me a little unnerved but equally delighted. I suppose it was my male ego coming into play. I just committed an act of treason against my lover. And now another female was trying to draw me in using her feminine wiles. Perhaps this was a punishment for the type of men betrayed their women by looking for strange. I brushed aside all thoughts save for one. The remaining thought was how to break the news to Jenny without losing her in the process. Of course my two voices, the devil and the angel, gave me the same tired speech. Long story short I was fucked. And not fucked in a way that I would like. This was a most unpleasant ripping of the heart clean out of your ass.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is the Prologue of a Series of Short Stories I plan on getting around to writing!

Detective Nicole Lee
- Origin Story -

By now Nicole Lee is somewhere solving crimes, breaking hearts, and kick ass all in the name of justice and bringing scum bags down. But she wasn't always strong and so sexual. Once she was just a typical shy and very clumsy Asian teen that knew very little of the criminal underbelly let alone have any desire to shatter the strangle hold the crime bosses possessed over the Australian capital city of Sydney. Every great hero must start somewhere.

Her family was a tight knit bunch and very caring, and protective of their one and only daughter, Nicole. They had tried to have a second child but every attempt ended with the same result. Her mother had become barren after giving birth to Nicole. Her father consoled his wife and Nicole's mother. The concern and compassion he felt for her mother was genuine. Nevertheless, her mother longed for a son. She felt that by being unable to give him a male child, she had dishonored him.

At this time Nicole was a sophomore in high school and was one of the least popular girls in school. Strangely enough this had nothing to do with her looking weird. On the contrary, Nicole was tall and slender, had lovely legs, and a pretty face with a killer smile that could stop any man dead in his tracks. Of course you would not be able to admire her beauty. She hid her lovely dark brown coffee stains for eyes behind spectacles and never wore any makeup. Her looks weren't the cause of her shunning. No, what had dubbed her the outcast of her little world of teens, lust, and popularity was her being clumsy and dimwitted. The latter was a result of being shy and uncomfortable with herself.

On the faithful morning that would forever haunt and torment her, her father had driven her to school as he always did. And she went to her morning classes much as she had done since she was very little. The day went on as any other day would. She attended her morning classes and then got a fifteen minute between classes and she had lunch at midday. This was when a voice spoke over the intercom and invited her to the principal's office. She was a little weirded out by the sudden announcement. She had never been a trouble maker and as such never been called to the principal's office.

She walked down the empty halls slow and ran her thin fingers through her long and luscious raven black hair and bit her lips. They were a clear pink with a wet sparkle for she had put on some lip gloss. Her heart was audible behind her breasts. Little did she know that what awaited her in the principal's office would forever change her life? Hell she was busy conjuring images of the principal's office. She imagined that it was a peaceful place- a place where you were greeted with kind and gentle eyes only to be duped and receive endless torment and suffering. She shook her head and cleared such thoughts from her mind.
The walk to the office was short but seemed to last forever. Finally the endless sea of navy blue lockers came to an end. In front of her were the main entrance and very quick mode of egress. And to the right of her was the school's office and fate ready to kick her life into gear. The urge to flee welled up inside of her but she knew she'd not make it very far. And the thought getting another hiding from her dad didn't motivate her in the slightest. Then a strange sensation came over her and she felt sickly. Thinking back to the last time her father had put hands on her. Yes, my old man, my father had enjoyed smacking my firm buttocks. As the sickly feeling took root she was on the verge of throwing up. Then the door to the office swung open and the thought was scattered to the wind. She chastised herself for thinking such a sick and perverted thing. Her father loved her and provided for his family.

The person that had greeted her at the entrance to the office was a short and pudgy black lady. Her name was Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones worked under Principal John Schneider as his secretary. She wore a white flower dress and tan flip flops. It was December and that was when they had summer down under. Anyway, Mrs. Jones led Nicole to some green chairs lined up against the wall across from the Principal's office. And she gestured for her to take a seat. She sat down without a word.

"Principal Schneider will be with you shortly, Nicole."

As Mrs. Jones turned to walk away a look of sadness became apparent to Nicole. Did Mrs. Jones know about her fate that awaited her just beyond that sturdy wooden door?
And then the wooden door on which there was a shiny name badge attached which read: Principal Schneider's Office opened with a creak. Principal stepped out of his office and waved Nicole inside. He also invited Mrs. Jones to join them. Both Nicole and Mrs. Jones accepted his invitation and filed inside. After they went in he closed the door behind them. Again the door creaked in protest of being abruptly opened and closed.

Inside of the principal's office it was a pleasant surprise and much nicer than she could've imagined. There was a long, rectangular cherry oak desk with a flat screen monitor and keyboard and mouse pushed aside at an angle from the monitor. Some papers scattered across the top of the desk and a cup of coffee. On both sides of the room were waist high black bookshelves filled to the brim with all kinds of books. Most of those books were school related. Nicole took this all in within the amount of time it took to bat an eyelash. Her attention to detail in times of duress and nervousness was shocking. She always felt dull and dimwitted despite being quite attractive.
"So, do you know why you are here?" he asked her suddenly shattering the silence that had crystallized about them.

She didn’t answer right away. Instead she stared blankly at the Principal as if she’d never seen the man before. He was a handsome man in his late thirties with slicked back blond hair. He wore a plain red tie that stood out like a sore thumb against the striped white button down. All Aussie guys of his profession and social status dressed nearly identical. And to be honest she found them attractive. Blond hair and blue eyes was what she fancied. She felt her heart beat faster but steady against her chest wall. With every beat her bosom rose and fell. Feeling as though all eyes were on her, she glanced down to make sure her black flowered blouse hadn’t come undone and her lovely olive breasts weren’t showing. Much to her relief they were still hidden behind her bra and the blouse was as it should be.
“No, Mister Schneider. I don’t know why I was called here,” she responded looking him dead in his bright blues. He started to speak but stopped. He wheezed and apologized and took a sip of his coffee.

Again he started, “I am not comfortable with being the one to tell you this. But I am your principal and will break the news to you delicately. Your mother and father were driving down Main Street on their way to have lunch. Only they didn’t make it to the restaurant,” he stopped feeling a bit choked up as if it had been his parents that died instead of hers.
“So, what are you saying? Did they decide against having a bite to eat?” Nicole stood up raising her voice and immediately covered her mouth feeling foolish.

Many thoughts raced through her mind but none of them came to the conclusion that they had died.

“Well, no, sweetie, they were held up at gun point and although they gave into their attacker’s demands…they were shot dead in cold blood,” he managed to get the words out before choking up again. The last words escaped as a whisper.

Nicole tried to turn and leave but Mrs. Jones stopped her and placed an arm on her shoulder. She took another step forward and tripped over the chair she had been sitting in. She sat up and started to cry. Her tears streaked down her cheeks and she wiped them away. She felt a pair of emotions. One of which was grief and the other was embarrassment. But the former outweighed the latter by a long shot. The very notion of her parents being dead was so impossible for her youthful mind to wrap itself around.
She sat there on the brown and white carpet between her seat and the office door. Her long legs were sprawled out before her and her skirt was unkempt. She no longer cared about her appearance. She had stopped crying. Her eyes had grown sore from balling. The principal was on the phone contacting what family she had left. Mrs. Jones had tried to talk Nicole to her feet and instead settled on bringing her a cup of cold water.

Nicole took her offering and sipped at the water. The cold dampness of the beverage relieved her thirst and dry throat but did very little to ease her emotional discomfort. She remained silent out of fear of crying again and then she stood up and exited the office.Mrs. Jones followed behind her and directed her to the front. There was a cab waiting for her and she climbed inside. The secretary paid the cabby her fair in advance and then the cab drove off. The lady stood there on the steps waving at Nicole and she stared back trying to crack a smile but found that she couldn’t. Soon the school was gone having disappeared in the distance. She turned to face the road ahead and tried to prepare herself. A new feeling began to wash over her. It was a sentiment that was as alien to her as this sudden sense of complete and utter emptiness. She felt angry. She was angry at her parents for being so predictable and most. And most importantly, she was angry at the miserable bastard that had pulled the trigger.