Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is the Prologue of a Series of Short Stories I plan on getting around to writing!

Detective Nicole Lee
- Origin Story -

By now Nicole Lee is somewhere solving crimes, breaking hearts, and kick ass all in the name of justice and bringing scum bags down. But she wasn't always strong and so sexual. Once she was just a typical shy and very clumsy Asian teen that knew very little of the criminal underbelly let alone have any desire to shatter the strangle hold the crime bosses possessed over the Australian capital city of Sydney. Every great hero must start somewhere.

Her family was a tight knit bunch and very caring, and protective of their one and only daughter, Nicole. They had tried to have a second child but every attempt ended with the same result. Her mother had become barren after giving birth to Nicole. Her father consoled his wife and Nicole's mother. The concern and compassion he felt for her mother was genuine. Nevertheless, her mother longed for a son. She felt that by being unable to give him a male child, she had dishonored him.

At this time Nicole was a sophomore in high school and was one of the least popular girls in school. Strangely enough this had nothing to do with her looking weird. On the contrary, Nicole was tall and slender, had lovely legs, and a pretty face with a killer smile that could stop any man dead in his tracks. Of course you would not be able to admire her beauty. She hid her lovely dark brown coffee stains for eyes behind spectacles and never wore any makeup. Her looks weren't the cause of her shunning. No, what had dubbed her the outcast of her little world of teens, lust, and popularity was her being clumsy and dimwitted. The latter was a result of being shy and uncomfortable with herself.

On the faithful morning that would forever haunt and torment her, her father had driven her to school as he always did. And she went to her morning classes much as she had done since she was very little. The day went on as any other day would. She attended her morning classes and then got a fifteen minute between classes and she had lunch at midday. This was when a voice spoke over the intercom and invited her to the principal's office. She was a little weirded out by the sudden announcement. She had never been a trouble maker and as such never been called to the principal's office.

She walked down the empty halls slow and ran her thin fingers through her long and luscious raven black hair and bit her lips. They were a clear pink with a wet sparkle for she had put on some lip gloss. Her heart was audible behind her breasts. Little did she know that what awaited her in the principal's office would forever change her life? Hell she was busy conjuring images of the principal's office. She imagined that it was a peaceful place- a place where you were greeted with kind and gentle eyes only to be duped and receive endless torment and suffering. She shook her head and cleared such thoughts from her mind.
The walk to the office was short but seemed to last forever. Finally the endless sea of navy blue lockers came to an end. In front of her were the main entrance and very quick mode of egress. And to the right of her was the school's office and fate ready to kick her life into gear. The urge to flee welled up inside of her but she knew she'd not make it very far. And the thought getting another hiding from her dad didn't motivate her in the slightest. Then a strange sensation came over her and she felt sickly. Thinking back to the last time her father had put hands on her. Yes, my old man, my father had enjoyed smacking my firm buttocks. As the sickly feeling took root she was on the verge of throwing up. Then the door to the office swung open and the thought was scattered to the wind. She chastised herself for thinking such a sick and perverted thing. Her father loved her and provided for his family.

The person that had greeted her at the entrance to the office was a short and pudgy black lady. Her name was Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones worked under Principal John Schneider as his secretary. She wore a white flower dress and tan flip flops. It was December and that was when they had summer down under. Anyway, Mrs. Jones led Nicole to some green chairs lined up against the wall across from the Principal's office. And she gestured for her to take a seat. She sat down without a word.

"Principal Schneider will be with you shortly, Nicole."

As Mrs. Jones turned to walk away a look of sadness became apparent to Nicole. Did Mrs. Jones know about her fate that awaited her just beyond that sturdy wooden door?
And then the wooden door on which there was a shiny name badge attached which read: Principal Schneider's Office opened with a creak. Principal stepped out of his office and waved Nicole inside. He also invited Mrs. Jones to join them. Both Nicole and Mrs. Jones accepted his invitation and filed inside. After they went in he closed the door behind them. Again the door creaked in protest of being abruptly opened and closed.

Inside of the principal's office it was a pleasant surprise and much nicer than she could've imagined. There was a long, rectangular cherry oak desk with a flat screen monitor and keyboard and mouse pushed aside at an angle from the monitor. Some papers scattered across the top of the desk and a cup of coffee. On both sides of the room were waist high black bookshelves filled to the brim with all kinds of books. Most of those books were school related. Nicole took this all in within the amount of time it took to bat an eyelash. Her attention to detail in times of duress and nervousness was shocking. She always felt dull and dimwitted despite being quite attractive.
"So, do you know why you are here?" he asked her suddenly shattering the silence that had crystallized about them.

She didn’t answer right away. Instead she stared blankly at the Principal as if she’d never seen the man before. He was a handsome man in his late thirties with slicked back blond hair. He wore a plain red tie that stood out like a sore thumb against the striped white button down. All Aussie guys of his profession and social status dressed nearly identical. And to be honest she found them attractive. Blond hair and blue eyes was what she fancied. She felt her heart beat faster but steady against her chest wall. With every beat her bosom rose and fell. Feeling as though all eyes were on her, she glanced down to make sure her black flowered blouse hadn’t come undone and her lovely olive breasts weren’t showing. Much to her relief they were still hidden behind her bra and the blouse was as it should be.
“No, Mister Schneider. I don’t know why I was called here,” she responded looking him dead in his bright blues. He started to speak but stopped. He wheezed and apologized and took a sip of his coffee.

Again he started, “I am not comfortable with being the one to tell you this. But I am your principal and will break the news to you delicately. Your mother and father were driving down Main Street on their way to have lunch. Only they didn’t make it to the restaurant,” he stopped feeling a bit choked up as if it had been his parents that died instead of hers.
“So, what are you saying? Did they decide against having a bite to eat?” Nicole stood up raising her voice and immediately covered her mouth feeling foolish.

Many thoughts raced through her mind but none of them came to the conclusion that they had died.

“Well, no, sweetie, they were held up at gun point and although they gave into their attacker’s demands…they were shot dead in cold blood,” he managed to get the words out before choking up again. The last words escaped as a whisper.

Nicole tried to turn and leave but Mrs. Jones stopped her and placed an arm on her shoulder. She took another step forward and tripped over the chair she had been sitting in. She sat up and started to cry. Her tears streaked down her cheeks and she wiped them away. She felt a pair of emotions. One of which was grief and the other was embarrassment. But the former outweighed the latter by a long shot. The very notion of her parents being dead was so impossible for her youthful mind to wrap itself around.
She sat there on the brown and white carpet between her seat and the office door. Her long legs were sprawled out before her and her skirt was unkempt. She no longer cared about her appearance. She had stopped crying. Her eyes had grown sore from balling. The principal was on the phone contacting what family she had left. Mrs. Jones had tried to talk Nicole to her feet and instead settled on bringing her a cup of cold water.

Nicole took her offering and sipped at the water. The cold dampness of the beverage relieved her thirst and dry throat but did very little to ease her emotional discomfort. She remained silent out of fear of crying again and then she stood up and exited the office.Mrs. Jones followed behind her and directed her to the front. There was a cab waiting for her and she climbed inside. The secretary paid the cabby her fair in advance and then the cab drove off. The lady stood there on the steps waving at Nicole and she stared back trying to crack a smile but found that she couldn’t. Soon the school was gone having disappeared in the distance. She turned to face the road ahead and tried to prepare herself. A new feeling began to wash over her. It was a sentiment that was as alien to her as this sudden sense of complete and utter emptiness. She felt angry. She was angry at her parents for being so predictable and most. And most importantly, she was angry at the miserable bastard that had pulled the trigger.


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