Thursday, April 3, 2014

Excerpts from Ticket to Ride (Chapter 10) of my WIP Novel 'God Loathes You'

 Before I finished processing the last thought my thoughts went all stop. Charlotte took a few steps further and leaned in and said, “Are you still game?” she said her cheeks flushed and smile wide revealing her healthy choppers.

 I nodded and smirked. And I took her hand in mine and she guided me to a utility closet and we filed in. She locked the door behind us. As she turned to say something I stopped her and we locked lips. I felt her lips, more moist and softer than I had imagined. She was undoing my belt and pulled down my jeans. I responded by unbuttoning her blouse and reached down to pull down her skirt. In turn she grabbed my arms and I lifted them to the sky. She pulled off my t shirt. I sensed her gaze as it lowered toward the floor stopping as it reached my package.

 I lifted up her chin with my index and middle finger and kissed her again. The kiss was soft and sensual, and teasing as our lips barely touched. I worked my way down to her neck and kissed her exposed skin making her moan in response to my actions. She reached down groped my member. Already hard and standing proud as her hand slipped behind my underwear. I jumped a bit as I felt the cold flesh of her hand but quickly it grew warm. I had worked my way down to her breasts by this time and were sucking on them. I alternated between the left and right tit and licked the area around the nipple and stopped to tease her. She responded by pushing my head back against her lovely perky breasts. Her nipples had stiffened and they jutted out as if beckoning my mouth to take them. I inclined my head and nibbled on them being careful not to bite down. Women’s breasts were highly sensitive and the nipples more so.

 We found a spot on the floor that was clear of wires, tools and wood and lay down. The tiled floor was cold but she gave no hint that it bothered her. She was a good sport and I relished her passion and her very lovely body. She grabbed my face and titled my head back. I winked and smiled. And she giggled. I slid up to her and kissed her reddened cheeks and she leaned back to moan once more. I resumed my delicate and tender kisses as I worked down to her vagina. Pulling down her purple panties past her knees, I started licking her clit slowly and teasingly.

 Her response was to grope my cock anew and the warmth I felt in my loins made me hungry for her all the more. I rose up and straddled her. Doing this put my kosher dong and my big beautiful balls in close proximity to her mouth. She wasted no time in taking me in her mouth. Her blowjob and my mouth down south munching on her poonani was a sensual chorus of flesh and lust. In that moment a strange but accurate assessment of the female reproductive organ came to mind. If the good lord above didn’t intend on us men to eat a woman out then he wouldn’t have had made it in the shape of taco. The thought wasn’t lost on me and I did find it accurate. So, I continued to munch her warm and very wet taco.

 There was a sound at the door but no one came inside. Feeling the sensation of doing something so bad left us nervous but at the same time all the more game for sexual conquest. I sat up and lifted her body on my lap. She leaned to the side and slid my erect member inside her vagina. Then I lie back on the tile and let her ride me cowgirl style. I reached up and copped a feel on her warm and perky breasts. Both of our bodies were warm and sweaty and the air about the small utility closet was sweet and steamy. My promise to remain chaste when I wasn’t with Jenny had vanished but I was sure my conscious would come back with a vengeance. And then again there was a sound at the door and we stopped. We took this as a sign that what we were doing was wrong. Dressing quickly, I grabbed her and pull her body close to me and kissed her lips. She reciprocated, kissing me back.
I left the utility closet first and shortly thereafter she made her egress. If any of those worthless drones took notice of us they didn’t mention it. Charlotte, the strictly professional and tenacious secretary that she was, managed to compose herself and went to her desk. I collected my bearings and made for the elevator. My manuscript was delivered and as such I had no further business there. My mind replayed the events leading up to the encounter and the act of lust and sexual release and I felt guilty. For the first time in my life I was the one responsible for committing the heinous act of betrayal.

 The elevator doors opened with a chime and I stepped inside. Much to my relief there was no one else inside. Two thoughts passed through my mind. The first was guilt, and the feeling weighed heavy on my mind, and a voice spoke to me. The voice was familiar to me. It belonged to the more rational and empathetic side of my personality and it was demanding that I come clean with Jenny. However, a second voice appeared, and this was the side of me that had won out. The second voice was speaking from the perspective of out of sight and out of mind. No harm no foul, and other such clichés. The easiest way to explain this position, all of which happened in my mind, would be the angel and devil on the shoulder from cartoons. Nevertheless, the feelings were torn and very real.

 The elevator seemed to have been on fast forward as it reached the lobby in no time flat. There were only a handful of those fat cats in their striped suits and reeking of booze and stale tobacco. I swear those old farts never washed their suits and probably didn’t care to. Missing was the redhead vixen that I would flirt with. And the same sexy mama that I had bedded during the nights I had spent in the City. Again a wave of guilt washed over me. So many thoughts raced through my mind until they became a huge muddled mess akin to someone tracking in mud from outside and running across white paper laid out on the floor. Only one thought loomed high above the rest and was in focus. This belonged to my feelings for Jenny and how my heart yearned to feel her body next to mine. Then the angel of reason appeared and chided me saying how unworthy I was to have her in my life. As painful as the very notion of telling her the truth and having her hate me for the rest of time was…it would be the most honorable move I could make. The angel carried on telling me if I loved her at all. Then I would break the news to her gently and accept the fallout regardless if she ended up breaking up with me.

 Being young, dumb and full of cum was fine and dandy but such a time in one’s life bore such burdens. Such a first world problem if there ever was one. I dwelt on this course of action the entire ride home. How could I have given into my baser urges so easily? After all I had professed my love to Jenny and had meant it. But a lyric from a song that I had listened to growing up when I would spend time with Uncle Jake played in my head. Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop loving Jenny. How could I put to bed such strong feelings of absolute joy and happiness her very presence gave my heart? I chided myself for being weak. Still I imagined her reaction to my telling her of these heinous acts of betrayal. And I saw her breaking down and crying and cursing my name. Although this all took place in my head, I was quite certain this was how it’d go down.

 A quarter of a mile from the house I pulled into a gas station to fuel up. I went inside and paid and bought a bag of chips and some smokes. I put everything on the counter and the sales clerk tossed the cigarettes over to me. She gave me a side glance and smiled. Did I still smell of sex? And if so was that such an attractive scent? If so they could have made a killing off such cologne. Post Coitus? Scent of Sex gets you laid every time. I shit you not those thoughts really did run through my mind.
“That’ll be $8.53,” she said still smiling at me as her hands played with her long, luscious locks.

 I dug into my pants pockets, the back pocket, and took out my wallet. “Here, take it out of this,” I retorted, handing her a twenty dollar bill.

 I sneaked an upward glance and our eyes met. In that moment we remained quiet, speaking without words. She conveyed to me that she knew what I had done. And I replied that I hadn’t the foggiest idea what she was talking about. She burst out laughing and handed me my change.

 “Here you go, handsome. $12.53 is your change,” she said her face still joyful.

 “Thanks, you do have a good day,” I murmured throwing her a smirk.

 I exited the store and walked over to my car. The Sales attendant unusual behavior left me a little unnerved but equally delighted. I suppose it was my male ego coming into play. I just committed an act of treason against my lover. And now another female was trying to draw me in using her feminine wiles. Perhaps this was a punishment for the type of men betrayed their women by looking for strange. I brushed aside all thoughts save for one. The remaining thought was how to break the news to Jenny without losing her in the process. Of course my two voices, the devil and the angel, gave me the same tired speech. Long story short I was fucked. And not fucked in a way that I would like. This was a most unpleasant ripping of the heart clean out of your ass.


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