Saturday, February 8, 2014

You know when you love someone?

This is a poem that I came up with thinking about the special someone I've had and lost.

When there is nothing you want more, when they occupy your thoughts in every waking moment. When you're alone at night and you still can smell their scent, and long for the warmth of their embrace, and to feel the tender softness of their lips when they kiss you, and then you know all is right in the world because you are not alone to face it. That special someone always supports you even when you are in the wrong, no matter what they got your back come hell or high water. Through thick and thin and back again, that person loves you, and honors you, and will always be there-the person that you love, honor, and cherish in return. The one who caught your eye and makes you happy whenever you see them and your heart skips a beat at every sight of their beautiful and warm loving face. Someone you'd die to spend just one more day with and can't live without. For your whole world revolves around that one person. I have met such a person and she was, is, and will always be the love of my life.