Thursday, February 13, 2014


I had a pretty normal childhood. My parents were atypical and my surroundings were the usual thing. What was different was losing those closest to me at an early age and having to deal with this loss in my own way. But I was lucky to have an imagination-very active one at that-and I lost myself in my fictional worlds where all was right in the world. And so I started to write and entertained my friends with my tales of do goods stopping the weekly baddie. My friends and I played outside a great deal from the time we got out of school until it got dark outside and reluctantly we would return indoors. And sure we played video games and spent nights over at each other's house geeking out on NES and SNES but we also watched the Saturday morning cartoons and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And channel surfing to find the most disgusting and gorefiic flick that was allowed to be aired on the tube.

School was boring and I never had much interest in that place of learning; not until much later on during my development years. My mind was always on the next adventure, and what we would do that day after school, and avoiding those pesky pompous airheads, yeah most bullies are complete retards but it wasn't their fault. My uncle, the younger one, and I were close back then and we would play video games, hike in the woods and come up with all sorts of things to pass the time and I loved helping him decorate the front yard of his house with Halloween decorations. And I remember watching the Star Wars films, the original trilogy, and Indiana Jones on VHS, and later on DVD.

Flash forward several years and I began to near puberty and I had already had my cherry popped in the form of a blowjob by a girl whose name I won't reveal here but to say the least it opened my eyes and woke my inner horn dog. Anyway, I won't delve into that thing here; best left in my writing. And the next post.


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