Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Excerpt from my WIP Novel God Loathes You

   The evening before it all went to shit was beautiful and magical if you like those sorts of things. My car had broken down and I was forced to ride shotgun. Not that I minded her fancy upscale late model mustang but I was and still am fonder of vintage cars. There was something about them that attracted me and kept me coming back much like women do if I were to be completely honest. Women and cars have and will always go hand in hand. And if anyone said otherwise they were either a fool or gay or both.

We drove up to Lake Wiggins Mill Reservoir. It was just after sunset and the sky overhead was a blackish violet and a scattering of stars shone down upon us like tiny pinpricks of light. A few fishermen were downstream across the way from us. We had parked farther down the drive and had taken seats on the hood of her stang. She stared at the starry sky and I kept my gaze focused on her. Then slowly we worked ourselves closer together until I held her in my arms. A slight breeze gusted up rustling fallen leaves and pushed the marginal chill from the water from the lake but I felt warm in her embrace and I’m sure she was too. Our hearts beat fast and steady as we locked lips and kissed clearly audible over the rush of the water cascading down over the cement boundary. And one thing led to another and before long I had relieved her beautiful body of its burden of clothes and bra revealing her soft milky white skin and perky breasts. Her pretty little pink nipples were cold and stiff much like my cock. She glanced down and smiled and reached her free hand down to my crotch and groped my manhood. "That's a man-boner my dear," I told her as if I was experienced in this sort of shit.


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