Friday, June 20, 2014

Excerpt from Chapter 18, 'Second Chance at Love', from my WIP Novella, 'God Loathes You'

My cell started to ring again and I knew right away who was calling. Jenny was the only one expecting me at that time and I knew she’d call to make sure I was still on my way. Sure enough, when I hit the call button which also worked as accept button and I put it to my ear.

“Yes, my dear?” I asked without hesitation.
“Are you still on the way?” she responded with a question of her own.
“Yes, in fact I am on the boulevard and just passed Highland, ETA twenty minutes or so,” I announced elated.
“Awesome, come on home to mama,” she said softly and welcoming.
“Say that again,” I pleaded.
“Come home,” she uttered.
“I’m en route!” I shouted.

Half hour later, I pull into the driveway of my destination and I approached the tiny black metal gate barring my forward progression. Glancing down at the locking mechanism I realized that all one had to do was lift up the latch and push the door inwards. So, I did and it opened. Closing it behind me, I marched across the short span of ground that let out unto the steps and the front porch. The grass was well manicured and had such a shine that gave it that picture perfect look and fronting either side of the porch was a pair of gardens. Different assortments of flowers and plants littered the gardens and I had to pull my jacket across my face covering my nose. Damn allergies could ruin anything. I composed myself and breathed in and exhaled. Feeling confident once again my feet carried me to the steps and up them until I reached the front door. Automatically, I reached up and knocked a few times.

She opened the door and when she realized it was me her demeanor went from calm and collected to happy and crazed. She lunged into my arms and I squeezed her tightly and kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me back and gave me a firm hug and pulled me indoors. I managed to close the door behind us while she continued to drag me further inside. I didn’t bother resisting and to be honest my little head was now in control. As such, all level-headedness was out the door. It appeared to be the bedroom we were headed to. 


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