Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Excerpt from my book, 'God Loathes You' - from the chapter titled: Uncle Jake

   Seconds became minutes and then hours and before I knew it the last of the sunlight was ebbing as the fiery crimson orb dipped below the horizon. Rising from a drunken slumber I caught the last tendril of the sun’s rays as it lost its grip on the world outside my door. My eyes opened and shut trying to adjust to the sudden illumination. Darkness swept across the world and invaded my surroundings. And I fell asleep again and was lost to the world.

   I woke up in a strange yet familiar place. The house I had known was all around me but somehow it wasn’t the same. A bright shimmering light shone through windowless openings in the walls. Then I could see the silhouettes of two people. One was tall and had a similar build to my own and the other was shorter and had long hair. And before this could register in my spongy brain soaking up all the details albeit slow and deliberate a third form appeared. The newcomer was also female but older than the girl and was taller. Not as tall as the man but close and a thick blotch of blackness revealed she had long hair and wore it down.

   Curiosity got the better of me and so I climbed to my feet finding it easy to do so. Such a strange feeling was this being drunk but sober at the same time. I knew that I had spent the better part of the day drinking and writing but I had never felt so good. Pushing aside the reservations I felt about this bizarre happenstance I trudged on. And the door barring my passage without blew open and I was blinded by the full force of the divine light.


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